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Tieteellinen komitea

Labquality Days – Suomen suurin laboratoriolääketieteeseen, lääkinnällisiin laitteisiin ja laadunhallintaan keskittyvä asiantuntijatapahtuma!

Labquality Days järjestetään Helsingissä 8.-9.2.2024.

Labquality Daysin
kansainvälinen tieteellinen komitea


“Together with the Labquality Days project team, I am delighted to reveal our high-level scientific topics for 2023”

Päivi Laitinen, Chair

PhD, EuSpLM, Adjunct Professor

Päivi Laitinen has been the Chair of the Scientific Committee for over five years now. She has diverse experience working in different university hospital laboratories and a central hospital laboratory. In addition to her vast education and experience in clinical biochemistry, she also holds a Master of Health Sciences with a major in healthcare administration. Her national and international activities include memberships in several boards such as the Finnish Society of Clinical Chemistry, the European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemistry (EC4), and the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) to mention only a few. She has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles, previously in the area of prenatal screening and more recently she has focused on publications of the EFLM Working Group on Cardiac Makers of which she is the Chair.


“Again many distinguished speakers have accepted our invitation to give their input for the 2023 congress”

Piet Meijer

Ph.D., Director
ECAT Foundation, the Netherlands

Piet Meijer is the Director of the ECAT Foundation, a global provider of external quality with a focus on thrombosis and hemostasis. Piet Meijer is a member of several national and international societies in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis and external quality assessment. He is an expert member of the EQALM/EFLM Post-Analytical Working Group. He chairs the ICSH (International Committee of Standardization in Haematology) guideline group on Factor VIII and IX inhibitors. He is the International advisor for the ProMeQuaLab project (quality improvement in medical laboratories in Portuguese-speaking developing countries). In addition, he is a member of the IFCC Working Group on PT/INR Standardization.


“Labquality Days congress in 2023 deepens our knowledge about innovations in health and laboratory technology”

Dalius Vitkus

PhD, EuSpLM, Associate Professor
University of Vilnius, Lithuania

Dalius Vitkus is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University, Head of the Centre of Laboratory Medicine of Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos, Lithuania. Dalius Vitkus is also a Member-at-large of the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) and President of the Lithuanian Society of Laboratory Medicine, a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Organization for External Quality Assurance Providers in Laboratory Medicine (EQALM), Chair of the Performance Specification Working Group of EQALM. His scientific interests focus on Quality Management in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, External Quality Assessment (PT/EQA), Enzymes and Protein Biomarkers, and Teaching and Postgraduate Training in Laboratory Medicine.


“It’s a great pleasure for me to be a part of the Scientific Committee. Labquality Days do progress from strength to strength. It’s an honour for all associated with them.”

Elvar Theodorsson

PhD, Professor
Linköping University, Sweden

Elvar Theodorsson is a Professor at Linköping University, Sweden. In addition to his focus on studies of neuroendocrinology of regulatory peptides and steroid hormones, Elvar Theodorsson is very engaged in metrology. He is a member of the JCTLM Working Group on Traceability: Education and Promotion (WG-TEP) and a Swedish national representative to Eurachem. He has also served as president of the section and of the board of U.E.M.S. Medical Biopathology and as Chair of the Scientific Committee of EFLM. Elvar Theodorsson does consultant work in general clinical chemistry, endocrinology, haematology and quality management and is active at the Clinical Chemistry division of the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences in Linköping.

Ohjelma 2024

Labquality Days on yksi pohjoismaiden suurimmista laboratoriolääketieteen ja lääkinnällisten laitteiden laatuun keskittyvistä vuosittaisista kansainvälisistä kongresseista. Tutustu kongressin tieteelliseen ohjelmaan ja varaa paikkasi tapahtumaan!