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Labquality Days 2023: Introducing the congress themes

Labquality Days will be organised on 9-10 February 2023 in Helsinki, Finland. This time the congress will focus on sustainability and how to anticipate the future.

The scientific programme includes many interesting expert lectures and panel discussions that will look at the themes from the perspectives of medical laboratories and the health technology field.

❄ What does sustainability mean for clinical laboratories and health tech companies?
❄ How can laboratories and medical device manufacturers prepare for challenging situations?

See the complete programme here >>

Markku Ollikainen, Chair of the Finnish Climate Change Panel

Markku Ollikainen will open the congress by discussing sustainable development and how laboratories can be more ecological. Ollikainen is a professor emeritus of environmental economics at the University of Helsinki. As the Finnish Climate Panel chair, he works specifically with spreading information and knowledge about climate change.

Harri Gustafsberg, PhD, MBA in Safety Management

In the closing lecture, award-winning author and speaker Harri Gustafsberg will be discussing how to prepare for challenging situations in the future. Gustafsberg is a doctor of philosophy who trains, researches and develops mental performance, and has a master’s degree in safety management. Gustafsberg worked at the Finnish Police emergency unit for more than 20 years.

Early Bird rates are available until 30 November 2022. Register now! >>

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