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"Labquality Days is one of the most important events of the year for networking," says Maria Berlin, Sales Director of Triolab.

In connection with the Labquality Days congress, an exhibition featuring companies operating in the laboratory medicine and health technology fields is held. The exhibition gathered a record number of visitors in 2023.

Many companies, such as Triolab, which sells diagnostic and biotechnology equipment and reagents,LQD 2024_maria berlin participate in the exhibition year after year. Maria Berlin, Sales Director of Triolab, explains why it's worthwhile to invest in the exhibition.

"Labquality Days is one of the most important events of the year for networking. The exhibition at the event is immense on a Finnish scale, and we meet our key customers there, as well as top experts in the field who participate in the event as both speakers and visitors," Berlin explains.

In addition to being a networking venue, Labquality Days is an important platform for Triolab to launch new products.

"We showcase our new products and offer visitors the opportunity to get a taste of the latest developments in diagnostics and biotechnology. It's much more effective to come and see the equipment in person and talk to experts than to search for information online."

Berlin herself attended the Labquality Days congress for the first time over ten years ago. Although she didn't have a chance to visit the renewed exhibition area at the 2023 congress, she has heard feedback from her colleagues who were there and experienced the new Market Square.

"There was a good buzz, lots of visitors, and it worked logistically well," Berlin summarizes the comments she has heard.

"Visitors were moving around the exhibition area from different directions, which is a nice feature instead of the exhibition booths just being along a corridor. It creates a good exhibition atmosphere."

In addition to participating in the exhibition, Triolab has a tradition of acquiring one of the congress's sponsorship packages. Packages come in various sizes, and there are also separate additional marketing services to choose from.

"The packages offer a good opportunity for visibility, even in lecture halls and during lunch," Berlin explains.

"If there's one place to come to, it's Labquality Days, primarily because of the breadth of the exhibition and the networking opportunities," Berlin sends greetings to other companies in the industry.

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