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James Westgard and Timo Kouri received the Raimo Tenhunen Award

The first day of Labquality Days 2022 culminated in the Raimo Tenhunen Award ceremony.

The award was named after one of the founding members of Labquality, professor Raimo Tenhunen, and it was established as a recognition of individuals who have had a great impact on the field of laboratory medicine. The first RTA was given in 2008, and the first recipient was Raimo Tenhunen himself.

At the 2022 Labquality Days, two important laboratory professionals received the fourth and fifth awards.

Docent Timo Kouri (MD, Department of Clinical Chemistry, University of Helsinki; and HUSLAB, Hus Diagnostics Centre, Helsinki) was the recipient of the fourth Raimo Tenhunen Award.

Kouri is known for his dedicated work related to urinalysis, including chairing the ECLM-European Urinalysis Group that published the European Urinalysis Guidelines in 2000.

In his thank-you speech and lecture, Dr Kouri detailed the quality efforts that have been made in the Finnish urinalysis.

Considered the father of statistical quality assessment, Dr James Westgard, the co-founder and president of Westgard QC, received the fifth Raimo Tenhunen Award.

In his thank-you speech and lecture, Westgard described the highlights of his career and why he became a chemist, thanking his wife, son Stan and the rest of his family for the support he has received from them throughout the decades.

Congratulations to both winners!

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