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Olli Ruuskanen

Professor Emeritus, Respiratory Tract Infections

Olli Ruuskanen is an emeritus professor of respiratory tract infections, the former head physician of the pediatric clinic's infection department, and a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Turku. He has published over 450 works during his 50-year career.

Ruuskanen has continued active research work even after retiring. For five years, he has led a significant research group at the Paavo Nurmi Centre, focusing particularly on the infection susceptibility of elite athletes. The subjects of study have included the Finnish Olympic Ski Team, ice hockey league teams, and national orienteering teams. The research, for instance, has analyzed the risk factors for athletes' illnesses during travel and social interaction.

In the opening lecture of the Labquality Days congress, Ruuskanen will share research findings and approach the infection risks of athletes from a practical perspective, discussing, among other things, the type of rapid diagnostics conducted at the Olympics and the most recent World Championships.